— Lakiko music.

Lakiko (Lana Kostic) was born in Sarajevo. After getting her high school diploma, she graduated Classical Cello at the University of Arts Bremen. She specializes in the University of Arts Bern and gained a master's degree in Composition and Theory, Cello and Singing.

She lived all over Europe, constantly moving. A nomadic musicians life. It was always all about music. And still is.

In cooperation with the Neurology Biel in Switzerland, she created a performance "The Musical EEG", where she developed techniques for cello and voice and connected to an EEG device that played her brainwaves. The idea was to explore the states of her mind when she plays different kind of music. So she started with her (almost skizzophrenic) musical biography : bosnian folk music, classical music, pop&film music, theater music, experimental music, voice performance…

With this project Lakiko was born. She started to write her own musical biography. The most important elements in her compositions are honesty, the moment, the phantasy, the subconsciousness. To let the music happen.

For this reason, Lakikos music resembles an oriental bazaar, where you can find a rebellion of the medieval Bogomils, and everything from clear structures of classical music up to experimental soundscapes - the music of her own brainwaves.

Her hallmark is the clear, mystical voice, the expressive cello playing framed by the relentless repetition of loops.

Lakiko performed in Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Germany, France, England and Ireland.